How to get unstuck from your current position (part 1)

In this post you will learn about methods on adjusting to change

Like me any countless others, you might find yourself frustrated and getting quite down about a particular thing or things in your life.  It might be others are moving forward with their jobs, making more money, getting married and having kids, but none of that is happening for you, and it’s just getting more depressing each day because you can’t find an answer.  I’ve been in that position many times and till this day stick get stuck.

So how did I and others get unstuck.  As with my post you should recognise a theme, which is the solutions to your problems are generally the opposite to what you think they are.  So what do I mean, many of us have become good t identifying ourselves with a particular situation.  So you identify yourself as a single person, a poor person, a person who is overweight, and you become fixed and rigid with that identity, because it is safe and you have become used it, until you see other making progress and moving forward.

So the solution, firstly let go of all identities and labels that are holding you back and become free to explore new ideas.  Change your thinking and feelings to who you would  like to become.  Soyou might want to become a married person, a person who is financially stable, a person who is fit and healthy.  Now I want you to write it.

Now you might just feel a weight fall of your shoulders and breath out comfortably just at the thought of someone who you would like to become a better version of you.  The taught that you have hope to become unstuck and to move forward, just feels like a clot or knot that was in chest has just been removed, writing it down makes it even more powerful.

So what’s your challenge of not changing into who you want to be, well again that comes from your own identify and label that you have given yourself, when it is pointed out to you to do a specific thing, many people turn around and say “well that’s not me” , “I can’t or won’t do that, it’s not my personality.

In the continuing post we will figure out what you need to feel in order to change

To be continued…..

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