Get two things done today.

In this blog you will learn how to get twice a much done in one day.

Were you busy all day yesterday, running around doing little things or big things, but at the end of the day you realised, that you got nothing done.

You will learn, how to double the things you can get done in a day, and even have time left over to do other things, you want to do.

Most of us who have busy lives and many small things to do throughout the day, tend to choose the things which are quick and easy and not the ones that have high value and give us the most benefit.

You might be a business owner, which means you might have some flexibility as to when you go into work or start your day. So if you start you day by checking your emails and messages and responding to them, you actually start the day on other peoples terms and doing what they want you to do.

If you have a regular job like a teacher for example, and you do the same thing, check your emails check what the schools schedule is or what the head teacher has planned for that day. You start your day by someone else’s agenda, which does not necessarily fit your agenda.

You are basically giving over control to someone else before you get anything done.

Have you ever had a situation, where you wake up in the morning feeling so refreshed and full of energy ready to take on the world because you had a restful sleep, and you plan so many things in your mind to do for that day. Only for it to go completely unproductive because you get a reminder on your phone about servicing your car at the garage which takes all day, or a hospital appointment that takes a few hours, or even your partner reminds you about an appointment you had arranged to see the new kitchen. Well I know this has happened to me multiple times.

So what’s the solution. Well its quite simple, it is to start your day on your terms. Arrange with your self to set aside an hour, half an hour or at the very least 20 minutes, where you do the things that you want and need to do. This could be an exercise regime, mediation, making the important call, what ever it is make sure it is time for you.

The next step would be when you have scheduled time for yourself, is prioritise the most have value thing or thing that will be the most productive for you for that day and do that first without hesitation. This could be making that business call that gets you that client, or places that order, or anything that gets you the highest return for your time.

The next step would be, once you have done your most productive thing, is then to the other things, like respond to your emails or messages, even with that you can prioritise the most urgent and most productive ones first.

If you are like me, you need regular reminder’s and motivation. So if you need to check your emails or messages at the start of the day, why not send your yourself an email with a message to get the thing done. Or write a list just before bedtime for the things that need to be done with priority numbers next to the list and pin it to the wall, so you can start your day with the right steps.

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