How to get unstuck from your current position part 2

In this post you will learn about changing and feeling a particular way to get unstuck.

It turns out that people are twice as likely to avoid situations that they think might cause them harm, pain, stress and feeling embarrassed, than we are at doing the things that we want.

Think about situations where you wanted to do a particular thing, but you say I will do it tomorrow, and as we all know tomorrow never come for many people, like going to the gym, I like many people sometimes make excuse to avoid the gym which is good for me, by saying my clothes are not clean people will laugh at me, I have to plan my lessons.  This carries on until you stuck in your current position and need help to get out of it.

So what will get you motivated enough to take action to get unstuck.  Motivation is the pulling force that will make you get things done.

Motivation is an emotion that releases chemicals in your brain and they change the way so see things.

You cant just flip a switch and get motivated, so cant just say to say to yourself feel sad, and then all of a sudden you feel sad, it is a series of step you need to do in order to start the motivation.

Going back to the gym example, have you ever seen those people who have been going to the gym regularly, they tend have pictures of buff men, or fit women on their phones or saved somewhere, or they start taking selfies showing their gains or latest gym outfit that fits, why is that?.

It’s because people will do things they first see themselves doing in their mind.

We are always making pictures and talking to ourselves to try to get motivated to do things to get unstuck.

As with the previous post I want you to imagine the person or identity you want to become first and then follow these steps to get unstuck.

  1. List 3-5 things you want to do and become from you current position in 3-5 years.  Make that your identity and symbol.
  2. Go to Google images and search for the things you have listed and download them on your phone, computer or tablet.
  3. Imagine they are real cut and paste your head or body over these pictures to make it compelling.
  4. Next encourage and motivate your self by writing on a piece of paper words and phrases that will help you. “You are going to love being that person when you get there.”  “you are getting closer to your goal, don’t let anyone distract you”.

Try these steps to get unstuck, if as always you need support get in touch at the email link below.

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