Why I became A Coach

My Story

As a child I was very happy child, always wanted to learn, fun, playful, and always wanted to go to school, always wanting to read. I was very much the teachers pet. My father fell ill and we had to move to a different city where we could get more of the family to help us. I ended up in a new school, new environment having to make new friends, with all of my confidence at an all time low.

My parents who wanted the best for me, but did not know exactly how to do it.  Having little money, they sent me to private tutors.  The tutors weren’t very good and I did not learn much.  My parents were compelled to do it as they saw other parents do it, and they wanted to the same. They wanted to feel that they were doing something rather than nothing

Looking back at my experience, I wish I had someone like me to best advice and support my parents and me on figuring out what i want to do and how to do it.

I don’t want that to happen to any parents and their children, I want them to have clarity on why and how they want to help their children.

So when you schedule a coaching session, you will get a feeling of being inspired and knowing why and how to help yourself to help to your children. 

We will work together to:

  • Get an action plan– it will give you a bigger picture of what to do at different stages of your life
  • Get a series of steps to do– based on your action plan- it will tell you what you need to be doing, when and how.
  • Get clarity on what to do next– this will give you focus on what to say and feel.

I would work for your legacy and the legacy of your children.

Remember the top actors, singers, sports personalities and business magnates will have a coach. You should consider getting one too, you deserve it

Now fast forward to the present my story now is that I have been a successful high school teacher for 20 years with excellent results, teaching pupils from all abilities and backgrounds.

I feel it a responsibility and I am hugely passionate in using my skills and experience to help people transform their lives and businesses.

During my time in management and in the classroom, I have worked with many people and students from a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities, and what I have observed is that everyone has habits that allow them to function in the world. Those habits can be both positive and negative, breaking current habits and replacing them with more productive ones can be a huge challenge.

This is where I excelled in, identifying why an individual has a particular habit, and what it takes to change the habit. Being empathically tuned into peoples feelings, is something that I think I was born with which came so naturally to me, and that quality and skill has just been refined over the years.

From my own experiences, and the way the world especially the business world is changing to be more productive, organisations are changing how leaders and managers operate. I have personally seen and worked with leaders and mangers who had to shift their mindset from a “know-it-all” to “learn-it-all”.

If you are thinking that, being aware of peoples emotions is a nice quality to have, it is. However I would add that I had to learn and develop another skill which is to “tune out” of feeling what others feel in order to best help them. Now being empathically aware of peoples feeling is an enormous gift, which I am truly grateful for, and wanting to help everyone you meet and speak and feel what they feel did have an impact on me, so learning to separate my feelings from theirs is something I was forced to do in order to help them and be more productive for them.

For me it is immensely rewarding and fulfilling helping others becoming successful, and the current business model and independence online coaching has bought me, fits into my lifestyle perfectly allowing me to help others.

Being a coach and working with people, they find my services incredibly valuable and keep booking repeat sessions and consultations

so if you have any questions make contact at hello@safonlinecoach.com