Welcome To Coaching

Hi, I am Sarfraz Altaf. I have a genuine desire to help people move forward and progress with their lives, careers and business.

So I had a point in my life when I was very young, that broke some stability in my life when my father became ill. We had to move cities to be closer to family. As a result I lost a lot of confidence being in an unfamiliar school and new friends. I was a very happy child full of confidence, energy and always wanting to learn.

I went through school and college trying to fit in, following the crowd not really knowing what to do.

I knew and felt inside me that I could achieve a lot more and could help and contribute to people, but just felt that I had a physical and mental block that someone or something is holding me back.

It took a leap of faith and courage to change careers into teaching, invest in myself and getting a coach that helped me get some clarity and focus.

I wish I had found someone like me early on in my life that could have guided me to my goals much earlier in my life.

So you have searched for a coach or have been referred by one of my clients, either way you have decided to take a step forward, which takes courage and I congratulate you for it.

Ever considered that all the top sports personalities and singers have coaches to help them progress and develop their talents.

So if you are at a stage where you feel you have a physical or a mental block and need help to move forward, why not work with me to get to the next level, I can really help you with that.

On my site, you will learn more about me, about how coaching works, how coaching will help you and how to schedule a session to help you or your business grow.

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