What it's Like Working With Me

How Coaching Works.

If you want to be understood and have your ambitions and goals clarified and have someone there for you to push towards them, then I am that person.

As a child I was very happy child, always wanted to learn, fun, playful, and always wanted to go to school.  Then one my family decided to move cities and I ended up in a new school, new environment with all of my confidence at an all time low.

My parents who wanted the best for me, but did not know exactly how to do it, and having little money, they sent me to private tutors.  The tutors weren’t very good and I did not learn much.  My parents were compelled to do it as they saw other parents do it, and they wanted to the same.

I don’t want that to happen to any parents and their children, I want them to have clarity on why and how they want to help their children. Which is not just help with school life, but will be for all aspects of their personal and professional life too.

So when you schedule a coaching session, you will get a feeling of being inspired and knowing why and how to help yourself to help to your children. 

We will work together to:

  • Get an action plan– it will give you a bigger picture of what to do at different stages of your life
  • Get a series of to do steps– based on your action plan- it will tell you what you need to be doing, when and how.
  • Get clarity on what to do next– this will give you focus on what to say and feel.

I would work for your legacy and the legacy of your children.

Remember the top actors, singers, sports personalities and business magnates will have a coach. You should consider getting one too, you deserve it

If you are feeling inspired or have any question at all, or would just like to chat about coaching then I would be very pleased to meet you and you can contact me on hello@safonlinecoach.com