How can a Coach Help you raise Smarter kids.

How can a coach help you raise smarter kids.

In this post you learn how to help yourself to help your children learn and develop faster.

I can remember as a child I loved to read and learn.  I would learn something new at school and would meet my mum to discuss what I had learnt, and then later on with my father.  I am sure that you have had a similar experience at some stage.

As a teacher and as a parent I get to see the learning taking place at school and at home, and how important it is for parents to provide the right ingredients for the kids to develop.

You are probably reading this and thanking, “well I am not a teacher, or know anything about simultaneous equations”.  Well you and many parents might not know anything about simultaneous equations, but you are parents. 

The good news is that you don’t have to anything about complicated maths or science, or know how to construct an essay, what you do have to develop is the mind-set of being there for your kids and asking the right type of questions for them to understand what they have learnt.  As I have always said in and outside the classroom, the best form of learning is teaching.

So there are 4 main teaching styles that help teaching and learning.

  1. Why– ask your child why is it important to learn the thing they are learning, get them motivated into learning and try to link it to a bigger picture.
  2.  What – ask your child to describe what they learned and understood it could be possible that it may not be the same thing the teacher if it was not communicated properly.
  3. How – ask them to explain what they learnt in steps, what they learnt first then second and then third etc.  Then get them to link the steps tighter.
  4. Practice – once they have explained what they have learnt in the different styles, ask them to practice what they have learn either real life examples or quizzes, exam question which you can quickly get online on your phone or tablet.

If you are reading this post, chances are that you want to help your child to succeed, as do all parents naturally.  Where some parents fail on, is not knowing how to help them, or getting distracted by your own things. 

Now if you are not going to invest the time now, when they are young and full of energy and curious and wanting to learn, from my experience it has a negative effect as they get older, and they always have to play catch up.

So I would like you to try a fun way to get your child motivated to learn, is to get them to do a 5 minute presentation on what they learnt say in science, and ask them questions on the 4 teaching styles I have mentioned.

If you would like further guidance on this and other methods then get in touch and I would be delighted to help you.

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