How can a coach help me?.

How can a coach help me?

In this post you will learn what benefits and advantages you can get when you work with a coach. I will suggest an activity for you to try, which will enable you to figure out what area in your life you might need help with.

I can remember becoming a parent to our first daughter, it was a time of great happiness and excitement of having a child and being able to look after the child and nurture her to give her the opportunities that I did not have.

I can also remember my friends and family saying that she would excel in her studies because I was a teacher, and having a proud feeling of agreeing with them.  So she went through primary school in top classes, as I was helping her occasionally with her work when I had the time, and she was having a brilliant time in primary school.

As my career was accelerating, and I was having success with my career, my private time with my family suffered and the time that I needed to spend with my daughter and her education suffered. My wife was constantly tell me that I need to spend time helping her as she was falling behind.  I was disagreeing with me wife as I thought she was doing incredibly well at primary school, and she would be able to pick things up quickly.  It turns out my wife was right he grades began to drop along with her confidence.  Realising the situation I had to slow down my career in order to spend time with my daughter and teach her not only academically but life skills too.

The point to all this is, that in any area of your life personal or professional there will always be aspects that need work on.  You might be achieving financial success but your family life is suffering, or you might have a great family relationship but you finances are suffering.

What a good coach can do, is figure what’s going on with you in the present with your family, work, relationships, finances and business, and then discuss where you would like to go and what position you would like to be at, in the shortest possible time.  A good coach can see things you cant not because you can’t see them but because you are distracted by one area of your life that you are having success with, and you thing the other areas will take care of themselves.

Don’t make the mistake I made with my daughter, and speak and listen to others who and can see things you cant.

What I would like you do, is a get a piece of paper divided into 4 boxes with headings of Personal, Professional, Relationship and Health.  Write down all the activities you do in the different boxes, for example in the professional box you could write you doing a course to help you get a promotion, or working late to get noticed by the boss.

This should you show what areas you are more focused on and what areas you need help with.

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