What is a coach?

I am fairly certain that you have met someone who you just felt you could talk to, known all your life, someone who understands how you feel.  Chances are you might have ended up marrying that person.  What is it about that person that allows them to instantly connect  to you.  I don’t think its some magic like the one harry potter uses, but rather an ability to listen, ask questions and understand your point of view and feelings.

Now imagine that this particular person has some skill and experience to help you figure out where you want to go and be in the shortest time possible.

That’s what coaching is all about.

For a coach to be effective, he or she needs to have some experience or some reference point to understand why you are feeling what you are feeling, and the habits that you chose to follow and suggest the best action for you make progress to the next level.

Being a big sci-fi fan, reminds me of Star Trek the next generation.  A bartender called Guinan, played by Whoopi Goldberg, has an amazing natural talent of coaching and mentoring the crew of the enterprise.  There is a particular episode where the ships counsellor loses her empathic abilities and Guinan coaches her to the answers she already knows.

The clip clearly demonstrates what a coach does, its just not a shoulder to try cry on, but a coach does see things that you sometimes cannot, and can see things for what they are currently, and what the next step are.

Coaching has become a normal option for many people, and is rapidly increasing as a lifestyle choice for many people. So if you are stuck, blocked or looking for an insight to get to the next level of development in your life or career, then please do get in touch or even schedule a free session with me at :


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