Why business coaching (part 2)

In this post you will learn what organisation development is and how I work with companies to implement change and development.

I will also give you a strategy that you can implement to start a change in your mind-set to build a better business.

Whatever age you are reading this post, think back in your life of how things used to be, whether it is food, technology or even shopping.  You can see that things change and they change very quickly, and if you can’t anticipate or adapt to change you end up feeling left behind.

Organisation development in its simplest terms is steps a company takes to change the company and manage the change in their employees for the better.

I can remember being in training days in school and one of the management teams would introduce a new system, let’s say in marking, that they have read about or heard from one of their mates. 

They then try to push this to the teachers without it even been thought through or discussed.  I can also remember sitting and laughing with the other teachers talking about how silly this idea is and how we would not implement it, as it benefited one other more than the person presenting it, to tick off his performance management standard

What is a practical example of organisation change and development; let’s say you own a small business selling ethical health products.  You want to implement a change to increase productivity and sales, which requires examples of a digital or online presence.   If none of your employees has the skills to achieve that, you would end up outsourcing, at an increased cost.

If you try to implement the change in one go, it can be overwhelming for people and actually decrease productivity.

In another case, let’s say you had the vision of implementing small changes with your employees to up skill them, and instil a culture which is receptive to change, you and your company would have a competitive edge. As your employees would have the right skills to deal with the change and use the skills to engage with the new initiative.

A simple strategy you could use to figure out how people will respond to change is to just ask them.  At HR, to design a questionnaire with specific questions on how they feel and act when something new happens in their life, and what skills would they like to develop.

This is where my help could come into use; having a coach for your employees to manage their emotions and to deal with changes your company implements.

As always you can reach out to me at hello@safonlinecoach.com

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