How can a coach help me?.

How can a coach help me?

In this post you will learn what benefits and advantages you can get when you work with a coach. I will suggest an activity for you to try, which will enable you to figure out what area in your life you might need help with.

I can remember becoming a parent to our first daughter, it was a time of great happiness and excitement of having a child and being able to look after the child and nurture her to give her the opportunities that I did not have.

I can also remember my friends and family saying that she would excel in her studies because I was a teacher, and having a proud feeling of agreeing with them.  So she went through primary school in top classes, as I was helping her occasionally with her work when I had the time, and she was having a brilliant time in primary school.

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Why business coaching (part 2)

In this post you will learn what organisation development is and how I work with companies to implement change and development.

I will also give you a strategy that you can implement to start a change in your mind-set to build a better business.

Whatever age you are reading this post, think back in your life of how things used to be, whether it is food, technology or even shopping.  You can see that things change and they change very quickly, and if you can’t anticipate or adapt to change you end up feeling left behind.

Organisation development in its simplest terms is steps a company takes to change the company and manage the change in their employees for the better.

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Why business coaching (Part 1)

Latest research indicates that organisations need to make a radical shift to succeed.  This means roles and skills of managers and leaders need change to become coaches.  In this content you will learn some of the basic principles of coaching, and some steps you can do right now to make the shift into an effective leader and coach.

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What is a coach?

I am fairly certain that you have met someone who you just felt you could talk to, known all your life, someone who understands how you feel.  Chances are you might have ended up marrying that person.  What is it about that person that allows them to instantly connect  to you.  I don’t think its some magic like the one harry potter uses, but rather an ability to listen, ask questions and understand your point of view and feelings.

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